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This page contains the terms governing our support service policy following the activation of a subscription. You are invited to read the terms reported before activating a subscription to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings, please note that what is reported on this page is part of the Terms and Conditions. The following applies to "Personal", "Professional" and "Developer" subscription plans.

1) Support

We provide support via ticket and we provide FAQ pages where we report the most frequent requests, support with instant communication methods such as chat, telephone, direct messaging systems, email is not provided, this is to avoid linguistic misunderstandings and to have time necessary for the analysis of reported problems.

Please note that many technical questions may be answered in our FAQ or documentation pages. Before submitting a ticket, we invite you to first read the pages we release on documentation or the questions and answers provided in the FAQ.

The documentation pages cover most of your questions about installing, configuring and using our products.

1.2) Type of support

We provide both the dutiful ordinary support that it is our pleasure and duty to provide, and a broader and more specific paid support, all this to cover the widest possible scope of action in providing our products and services.

1.3) Support times

We guarantee to respond to your initial support request within 48 business hours. Your requests can be submitted 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but will be considered during office hours from 09:00 to 17:00 GMT+1 on working days from Monday to Friday excluding holidays.


2) Language

We provide support in English and Italian. You are invited to write your request in a detailed, correct, understandable way and preferably in extremely simple language, to attach screenshots, to explain in detail the various steps to arrive at the problem or display it, to avoid creating so-called situations of "Ping Pong" which create misunderstandings and useless waste of time and slow down and/or delay our ability to intervene on the reported problem and its resolution.


3) Accessibility to support

We provide support only and exclusively to customers who have both an active subscription on our site and an installed DOWNLOAD ID which returns the url of the site on which the product is installed.

Our subscription plans provide for a maximum number of DOWNLOAD ID that can be used based on the type of subscription chosen, but this does not preclude our products from being installed and used on an unlimited number of websites as required by the Joomla! policies. cms. When you install our products, you will be prompted to also install the AKBupdate plugin on your Joomla! CMS and enter the DOWNLOAD ID that you can generate from the specific page.

3.1) Downalod ID

Customers who have installed our products but have not installed the AKBupdate plugin and do not have a DOWNLOAD ID for which the reference url is not present in our records will not be able to receive support even if they have an active subscription, in this case we will invite you to enter the DOWNLOAD ID on your site, and when you have exhausted the maximum number of DOWNLOAD ID available to proceed with a possible upgrade of the subscription plan.

3.2) Subscription Expired

Customers who have an expired and therefore inactive subscription can continue to access via login to view products, documentation, faqs and their customer area, ticket history, but cannot receive support if they decide to open a ticket , in which case we will invite you to renew your subscription.


4) Limits of support

We provide ordinary support only and exclusively for our products and not on the entire Joomla! cms. This requires that you already have some knowledge of using Joomla!

We provide you with a list highlighting the types of media we cover:
  • Help questions related to the functionality and configuration of our products, which are not specified in our documentation pages.
  • Problems related to the functionality of our products if problems related to the operation itself occur.
  • Functionality of our products if they do not work as shown in the product description.

and you have:

  • our extensions updated to the latest version released by us.
  • updated Joomla! CMS 4 latest released version
We provide you with a list highlighting the types of media we do not cover:
  • Problems due to intrusion and/or damage caused by malicious programs or hackers
  • Problems related to the server and/or hosting on which you are supported.
  • Support or problems on products that are not developed by us.
  • Compatibility issues with third-party extensions.
  • If your site is inaccessible (blocked due to malicious software)
  • Problems related to the customization of the product made by you or by a third party.
  • Customizations of third-party extensions, except in those cases where it is explicitly specified in the product description.
  • Problems with our outdated extensions.
  • Migrations to other CMS
We provide you with a list highlighting the types of support we may consider assisting for a fee

See services page and See "Paid Support" chapter:

  • Problems Related to the core of Joomla! cms.
  • Problems due to unfamiliarity with Joomla! and how to use it.
  • Support or problems on products that are not developed by us
  • Support for installing Quickstart versions.
  • Problems related to the customization of products carried out by us
  • Migration from previous versions Joomla! CMS 4 to Joomla! CMS 4.
  • Third-party extension customizations made by us.

If you need more extensive support, we can provide it only and exclusively for a fee - See chapter "Paid Support"



4.2) Versions of Joomla! Supported CMS on which to install our products:

Our themes and extensions are developed for Joomla! CMS 4. As indicated in the presentation pages of the same, therefore we will not provide support for older versions of Joomla! CMS 4* or Alpha and/or Beta versions under development.

*Explanatory Note Earlier versions Joomla! CMS 4 for which we do not provide support

  • Joomla! CMS - Version 1.xx
  • Joomla! CMS - Version 2.xx
  • Joomla! CMS - Version 3.xx

4.3) Problems with third-party extensions

We may be unable to provide support if you have problems caused by extensions installed on your Joomla! Third-party CMS now obsolete and/or outdated or with problems due to non-optimal programming. These could create conflicts, errors and malfunctions that do not depend on us or our products, in these cases we invite you to contact the creators of the extensions in question to find a solution to the problems generated.


5) What you need to provide us for support

In order to be able to carry out all support operations necessary to solve existing problems, you must give us access to your website, in particular to the Joomla! administration panel. CMS, FTP access, database access or access to the control panel (Cpanel) of your hosting account. If they are denied to us, we will not be able to proceed with the troubleshooting. Please note that the access keys indicated and the relative url addresses must be sent to us exclusively via ticket.


6) Inability to provide support

Before accessing any website from both backend and frontend, check that:

  • The website is reachable
  • The website is not compromised by viruses or malware and is not blocked by your hosting provider or flagged as a malicious site.

If the above conditions are not met, we will not be able to provide our support in any way.


7) Partner and/or recommended company products

As can be seen from the demos of our products, we offer the installation of extensions from partner companies with whom we have close collaboration such as J!Extensions Store or companies whose extensions we recommend for their high quality such as E4j, the products of the partner and recommended companies are highlighted and easily recognizable because they highlight their respective logos and brands, but the support service is provided exclusively by them through their structures dedicated to customer support.

Certainly in these cases we could, if necessary or as a courtesy, provide feedback and information relating to the problems encountered to facilitate the resolution between us and the partner and recommended companies, but the support operation will be regulated on the basis of the Support Policy offered and specified by every single company.

As an example:

  • If you purchase one of our products that invites you to install a J!Extensions Store product and you have also purchased one of their products on their sales site, you will have to request support for their product only and exclusively from J!Extensions Store, while we will provide support only on ours.
  • If you purchase one of our products that invites you to install an E4j product and you have purchased one of their products on their sales site, you can request support for their product only and exclusively from E4j, while we will provide support only for ours.


8) Paid Support

We try not to abandon anyone, the world of extensions and websites is complex and vast, which is why we provide paid services and support in those situations where modifications, substantial customization, additional features, solutions to problems are required existing ones that can compromise the functionality of the site also due to third parties. Naturally this type of support will follow this precise order:

  1. You will have to make a request via ticket or through our dedicated forms providing an extremely detailed explanation of the requested intervention
  2. We will evaluate the feasibility and if there is the possibility of intervening with an optimal solution
  3. Following we will provide the feasibility outcome, if so we will provide you with a quote with times, specifications and costs of the intervention
  4. Only at this point can you decide whether to continue with the request made and give us confirmation of the assignment of the works
  5. Once you have confirmed your willingness to let us carry out the work, you will need to provide us with all the tax information and proceed with the advance electronic payment of the estimate issued. Once the payment has been made, we will issue an electronic invoice.


9) Support for Enterprise customers

Support regulation for Enterprise customers is governed otherwise than as stated on this page.


10) Reseller customer support

We have resellers/promoters who offer our products, customers who have activated a subscription on the proposal and promotion of a reseller/promoter and use our products will receive support on them directly and exclusively from us.





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